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Well. I've done things! Stuff. I've posted 33.8k words of fic on ao3. None of it is for Naruto. I am a sham.

But I've done a bit on the apoca-fic. Yeah yeah. I know. Trust me. Three fucking years it's sat around. I want it finished more than anybody at this point. (I think I'm the only person who remembers it).


This is my ao3. I write a lot of problematic shit and rarepairs for Teen Wolf. Fight me. (No, really. Please don't. I've only ever had one fight in my comments, and that's how I learned about the magical line of acceptable and unacceptable underage).

Fear it.

Dec. 2nd, 2012 06:34 pm
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I spent a few hours writing today. My experiment has given me pathetically few words for all the time I spent.

Honestly, I think it's pretty terrible because I'm doing something that I don't really think counts as a good example of any kind of writing except for gratuitous fanservice angst. There is so much angst that it might have toxic levels.

I don't even know... I feel like I should apologize for Sakura and Kakashi. A lot. Maybe if I mutilate their characterisations again, I'll do something happy. With sexing. (Please stop me while I'm marginally ahead).

Still, it feels nice to write something (anything). Even if it's probably not actually good.
I'm in the middle of reading Fifty Shades of Grey. You might wonder why I'm reading it, but I'm not sure if I have an answer... at least not a good answer.

I heard about some erotic romance sweeping the nation. I heard about some Twific getting a publishing deal. I didn't know that they were one and the same.

That pissed me off, but it was a sort of mild anger. The kind of anger when someone cuts you off on the highway. Just a moment of RAWR, and then it's over. You don't need to think about it anymore.

It all changed after I started reading it. I got curious because... well. I love fanfiction. I love romances. I hate Twilight. I thought that the ideas and themes that made Twilight possible were dangerous and ugly. Also, SM's prose wasn't the most inspired.

Now I'm just full of righteous hate and rage. I'm halfway through the first book, and I really don't want to finish it (I will). One of my friends is reading Fifty Shades so that she can properly mock it, but that's just not enough for me. I admit that I want to spread my vitriol all over the place. I had a stupidly long and incoherent rant about Fifty Shades while I was making casserole today. My partner wisely ignored most of it.

So. About that rant. Do I want to? Is it worth getting it all out of my system? I think it might be worth it. Just like it was worth it for Avocado/White Serpent to write up the Cassandra Claire plagiarism debacle five years after the fact. (Okay, I have less of a personal stake, but it's still worth it for my peace of mind).

I have a plan!
1. Finish Fifty Shades of Grey
2. Rant about it and get it all out of my system.
3. Possibly finish the trilogy just to find out if it gets better.
4. Probably write that reaction for all the internet.

This would be so much easier if I had other friends who cared about this topic. I'm pretty sure that one of the hot buttons of rage on this whole issue is directly profiting from fanfiction. What can I say? It's a thing that really fills me with the fury of a thousand suns.


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