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Title: Chasing Starlight
Rating: G
WC: 771

Summary: Sakura copes with being left behind.

Notes: Several years ago, I was going to write a Sakura-centric fic about what happened to her during the time skip, and I started this story. It would have involved her adventures talking to comatose Jiro, and then one day he'd wake up and sort of mentor her (along with Tsunade). Then I fell into other fandoms. When I might have come back to it, TW happened to me sooooo.

I could have sworn that I posted it, but nope. I didn't, so here you go.

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Remember that post-apocalypse KakaSaku thing I've been trying to finish for two years? (It's not even that long).

Well. Maybe I have another idea. For another post-apocalypse story. It may or may not have things in common with The Road. It may or may not have Yamato/Tenzo.

Why am I doing this to myself? I need to actually finish something before starting new and exciting projects.

But ugh. Sakura living in the forest by herself. Sakura reuniting with a half-dead Kakashi when she's 14. (She totally manages to save his life with the barely there training she had before the world went to shit). Sakura and Kakashi find Yamato on a supply run a few years later. Kakashi is shocked and sort of happy to see someone he knows who doesn't want to kill him, so he has to talk down an over-protective, slightly feral Sakura from murdering Yamato and taking all his stuff. Maybe once Yamato is over the attempted murder, he makes them a house with beds. Then after a lot of careful circling each other and awkward attempts to express their stunted emotions, they have the happiest ever after possible in the end of the world with dwindling resources and almost no live people. But a cabin! Furniture! Ninja dogs! Threesomes!

Sweet baby Jesus. I will never finish this. I'm not even sure that I'm starting this. /despair

Why are people letting me make blog posts at 5am? I don't even know if I managed to English up there. Send help.


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